Kingkar is a professional manufacturer of hydrogen and oxygen powered equipment.

Our products include Hydrogen carbon cleaning system, HHO flame cutters, HHO welders, oxy-hydrogen gas making machines.We have a highly experienced team of engineers who have been specializing in the development of hydrogen gas making machines for many years. Thanks to their efforts, we now hold 4 invention patents, 13 patents for utility models, 2 design patents and 8 invention patents utilized in our high quality machines. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our outstanding line of products.

    1. Engine Carbon Deposits Removing The reasons for cars' decreased performance ability may be varied, but a significant factor that contributes to all of these problems comes from the fact that...
    1. Metal Cutting and WeldingOxy-hydrogen machines have been used with billet cutting machines since the early 1960s, but in the last decade, we have further developed our oxy-hydrogen generators...
    1. Non Ferrous Metal WeldingThe power assisted steering pipeline and supports are the most important parts in an automobile brake system. Although arc welding is often used, it is difficult and inefficient to operate
    1. Catalytic CombustionOxy-hydrogen technology is a revolutionary clean energy technology that changes traditional combustion processes and significantly reduces fuel consumption.

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